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Richard Lugo was born in Findlay Ohio raised in Detroit Michigan moved to Findlay 1998. Has been part of WTKC for the start of the station. Him and his wife Lisa serve as Youth pastors in there local Church (CLGM) and have done so for 15 years.  He is happily married to his wife (Lisa) for many years, they enjoy being involved with the Ministry of WTKC and the Church CLGM. 

Richard serves as Program Manager of the Station and helps with some of the task of the station. 

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Pastor Juan Salinas

General Manager

Pastor Salinas is the founding Pastor of Church of the Living God Ministries Inc. He is also the founder of Faith Educational Media Inc. (WTKC89.7FM). Working with a vision to establish the Kingdom of God and raising up ministers that will be the standard for future generations.

You can find more about Pastor Juan Salinas on Facebook, WTKC 89.7 FM Facebook and Church of the Living God.

You can also listen to live services and messages that have been aired on  Church of the Living God Facebook page.

Pastor Jake Huber

Technical Director

Jake Huber has been active in audio for many years! Since the age of 15 Jake began making music and learning how to use computers to improve music and distribute audio as well. Now, as a minister at Central Church of Christ in Findlay, Ohio Jake enjoys using the technical know how he has here at WTKC.

"WTKC is a more than a radio station, it's a mission. WTKC gets the Gospel message on the airwaves everyday. Jake considers it a unique blessing to partner with WTKC to keep sending the gospel throughout Findlay and all over the world through our streaming platform!"


WTKC 89.7 FM

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